Best Android VPN for 2021

Top 10 VPN Apps For Your Android

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a private network that encrypts and transmits data as it travels from one area to another on the internet. VPNs aren’t just for offices and workstations. You can also use VPN on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Many Android users worldwide use VPN services to get around restrictions or access geo-blocked content, and more generally, for privacy and security reasons. On the other hand, clients have little or no certifications about the related security and safety settings and possibly no practical knowledge about the elements gaining access to their Android mobile traffic.

With so many bogus and dangerous VPN apps for Android, it’s no wonder that we get many messages from clients regularly announcing yet another VPN that isn’t real.

Using a reliable VPN is the simplest way to protect your phone. However, with more than 200 VPNs available on the Play Store, how do you know which service is safe to use? Is it also safe to use the free VPNs listed in the Play Store? Will we use a free VPN without considering our mobile data? I don’t think so.

The Top 10 Android VPN Applications

1. NordVPN is a virtual private network (VPN)

NordVPN is the best VPN for Android because it is fast, stable, and incredible for gushing. With a client rating of 4.3 on the Play Store and a financial limit cordial sticker price, NordVPN is the best VPN for Android. It offers cutting-edge security, including private two-way encryption, ad blocking, and the most significant global server network on the VPN market, with 5,400+ servers spread across 60+ countries.

Its outstanding features are in an easy-to-use application that can be downloaded from the Play Store or NordVPN’s website via a secure APK. Each membership includes six simultaneous gadget connections.

2. Express VPN

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN we tested on Android, with a simple setup from the Play Store or a secure APK download, an easy-to-understand interface, and lightning-fast speeds. It connects to 3,000+ fast, P2P-enabled servers in 94 countries and is an excellent choice for gushing and tormenting any Android device. The British Virgin Islands are home to Express VPN. It makes use of Open VPN and military-grade security features, including 256-bit encryption, zero-logs setup, and a programmed off button.

People who tried ExpressVPN discovered that it provides reliable, easy access to the most popular streaming services, including Netflix US. Its one-of-a-kind TrustedServer technology ensures that all of its servers are running stable, forward-thinking applications. Its servers are all operated by RAM, which means they have enough space to store data.

3. Private VPN

PrivateVPN is the best budget-friendly VPN for Android, with top-notch security, a 4.2-star rating on Google Play Store, easy setup, and a slew of premium features for Android users. It uses 256-bit encryption and includes IPv6 and DNS spill protection.

Even though this Swedish-based VPN is located in the 14-Eyes area, it does not keep any logs. It means it has no client details to hand over, regardless of whether it is asked. PrivateVPN has 150 servers in 59 different countries. Using its Netflix-advanced servers, we streamed Netflix US, Hulu, HBO GO, and BBC iPlayer during our tests.

4. Surfshark

Surfshark is ranked third among the top 10 VPN applications for Android. It’s ideal for prominent families and home offices because it allows for unlimited simultaneous connections. Surfshark’s infrastructure is smaller than other top VPNs, with 800 servers spread across 50 countries. It, however, does not put a stop to it. During our experiments, we were able to unblock and download high-quality content from well-known administrations such as Netflix US, HBO GO, and BBC iPlayer. Surfshark provides unlimited synchronous gadget associations, enabling you to protect all of your devices with just one record.

5. CyberGhost

CyberGhost runs on 6,000+ fast servers in 90+ countries, making it suitable for VPN newbies. Your membership would include seven different organizations at the same time.

We could use its built-in spilling profile to unblock Netflix, Hulu, and most other common spilling services. It also has a dedicated torrenting profile that incorporates CyberGhost’s intuitive application and a single tick set up, making it an excellent VPN newbies option.

It’s not difficult to download from the Play Store, and it comes with a fantastic client survey. For all of its applications, it provides 256-bit encryption and a programmed off button. CyberGhost also doesn’t keep track of your movements. You can set the app to connect any time you turn on your device, ensuring that you are always protected.

6. SaferVPN

SaferVPN is a simple-to-use, easy-to-install app with a 4.7-star rating on the Google Play Store. It operates 700+ servers in 34 countries during testing. Its gushing streamlined servers were discovered to unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO NOW, the BBC iPlayer, and other mainstream pouring administrations. SaferVPN maintains a strict no-logs policy and encrypts the data with 256-bit encryption. When you affiliate with an open wi-fi organization, the Android application has a single tick associate. Its Automatic wi-fi Security feature will connect your gadget to the best service.

7. VyprVPN

VyprVPN for Android blends all of the security features you’d expect from a VPN with a user-friendly interface. It features 256-bit encryption, no logs, DNS spill security, and a pre-programmed off button. Under deep parcel investigation, restrictive Chameleon technology scrambles OpenVPN metadata to make it look like regular traffic.

It helps clients in countries where using a VPN is illegal, such as China and Russia, to use VyprVPN anonymously. VyprVPN also prevents geo-blocking and VPN squares as a result of this. We were able to stream Netflix US, Hulu, HBO GO, BBC iPlayer, and most other standard streaming services during our tests.

8. Private Internet Access

PIA is a well-known Android alternative, with over 1 million downloads. With 256-bit encryption and a programmed off button, it protects your computer. It follows a strict no-logs policy and keeps track of its Android-specific client reports in the Play Store.

9. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is one of the few dependable free VPN plans available for Android. Clients are unmistakably satisfied with the administration, with over 1 million downloads and a high 4-star rating. The free program is a scaled-down version of the premium plan, giving you access to three servers on a single computer.

10. IPVanish

IPVanish is well-known for its Android clients, with over a million downloads to date. It runs on a fast system of over 1,300 servers distributed across 75 countries. It protects your details with military-grade 256-bit encryption. It also maintains a strict no-logs policy and provides IPv6 spill security.


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