Domino’s Initiates Automatic Pizza Delivery using a Self Driven Robot Car Nuro R2

The Self driven robot are on their way because they’re bringing a pizza with them. After all, Domino’s initiates a real-world evaluation of Nuro R2 robots delivering Pizza in Houston’s Woodland Heights neighborhood. The self-driving robots can drive on public roads and navigate through traffic to get to their destination because they have their GPS location.

Customre interaction with robotic car

Customer Interaction with Self driven Robot Car

Customers must place a prepaid order from the restaurant’s location on Domino’s website. During that order, they must choose the Nuro R2 as the delivery vehicle. The business franchise sends a text message with a PIN and monitors the robot’s location. The buyer enters the number to open the door so that he or she can take out the pizza when these robotic cars arrive at the destination.


“Our company still has a lot to learn about the autonomous distribution space. This software will help us know more about how consumers respond to deliveries, like how they communicate with robots and how they affect store operations. “Domino’s chief innovation officer, Dennis Maloney, spoke about the program.


The Nuro R2 is the first self driven robot authorized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It does not use sidewalks or bike lanes to reach the destination as the customer has defined in the order. The robot car Nuro R2 will drive on public roads in California. Nuro R2 can get a maximum speed of 40 Kilometers per hour. A 31-kilowatt-hour battery powers it. The payload capacity of the Nuro R2 is 419 pounds (190 kilograms) with 360-degree overlapping cameras, thermal imaging cameras, LiDAR, short- and long-range radar, ultrasonics, and a microphone for detecting emergency vehicles sirens are all part of the sensor array.

Domino’s has been experimenting with self-driving pizza delivery for a few years. In 2017, it conducted a test in Ann Arbor, Michigan. During that test used a self-driving Ford Fusion to transport food.

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Domino’s has created an in-car app for ordering pizza, which isn’t quite as cutting-edge as a self driven robot car Nuro R2 delivering pizzas. There doesn’t seem much of a need to use this tool because most people have a smartphone on hand.



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