StudyStreams Launches Live Study Environment

StudyStream launches a live study environment. It provides an opportunity for students to interact with other thousands of students. Probably, you have heard about the people watching other playing games. But, StudyStreams mixed up this watching mechanism. Yeah, it presents an opportunity to observe other people’s studies.
Suppose you’ve been out of school for a while. It’s easy to forget that there’s an entire internet community dedicated to studying. and, it teaches how to study better. complete with Discord servers, subreddits, and amazingly calming music.

StudyStreams and Study With Me

One part of this is the “Study with Me” stream. a Livestream of someone studying that may be watched as the user learns, as the name implies. There may be some music and rain sounds playing. So, the host will not be speaking much or striving to amuse. After all, that would be counterproductive. Do you think anyone would be interested in watching that? Dedicated YouTube channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers are available. Moreover, there are pre-recorded, hour-long study broadcasts with millions of views.

Epidemic Situation Motivates the Study online

While Livestream learning has been available for a few years. The epidemic has boosted its popularity. How do you do study groups when the library is closed, and we’re not supposed to be sitting about in stuffy rooms? StudyStreams, a Y Combinator Summer 2021 team, is merging all of these concepts into a platform. Moreover, It is an online environment where students can study with others and discuss study tips.
They have a Zoom community with 24/7 “focus rooms”. Where students can turn on their camera, put on some headphones. Moreover, they can crack open their books alongside up to 1,000 other students. as well as a Discord community for students who want to connect afterward or in smaller groups live.

Discord and StudyStreams

The team had already gathered a lot of attention since its start late last year. The service has garnered upwards of four million members. According to co-founder Sarujan Ranjan, and its Discord community has 400,000 people. He said that every time he had checked in the previous two weeks. their StudyStreams have had thousands of users online. Every weekday at 8 a.m., they hold an onboarding webcast. In these sessions, they explain how the concentration rooms work and the etiquette.
The 1,000-person streams aren’t designed for conversation. Much as how chatting in a library would get you shushed. It would defeat the purpose. The in-Zoom conversation has turned off, and everyone’s microphone has turned off.

Zoom and SutdyStreams

People, of course, express themselves in a variety of ways. Others greet one another with handwritten notes. while others change their Zoom display names to match their social network identities. People seem to enjoy “waving” with Zoom’s built-in hand raise feature. it’s an excellent way to say hello. but, it can get you bumped from the first few pages of on-screen streams, which isn’t what you want.
As a result, each stream in StudyStreams has live moderators. Moreover, they have many opportunities to report anyone who is being unpleasant.

Study Streaming was never a Plan

Ranjan and his co-founders had no intention of studying streaming networks. from the beginning. In 2018, they founded the Knowledge Collective. It was a learning platform to host leadership training courses. They noticed, yet, after chatting with more students. That the majority of them were not looking for another place to watch or read.
“They didn’t have a problem with content.” The most annoying issue for them was… a lack of motivation. But, you could be unproductive or lonely. They’d say things like, I understand the subject, but I can’t bring myself to read it.
Resultantly, they started experimenting with study focus rooms. These swiftly grew in popularity. It touched the sky When TikTokers and study influencers joined the site and pushed it up.

How will StudyStream make money?

Since focus rooms are free to join? That is still in the works. According to Ranjan, they’ve explored premium rooms and have plenty of other ideas. but for now, they’re concentrating on growing the platform and keeping customers happy. Moreover, They’re currently running a limited beta of their expanded web app. It will include features like shared task lists. a summary of how long/frequently you’ve studied, and more ways to connect with other students on the site.
StudyStreams was in YC’s most recent class. But, they didn’t take part in Demo Day. Because they’d already received enough money. Moreover, the company collected $2.1 million before Demo Day from YC, Brighteye Ventures. Emerge Education, Dunce Capital, Ali Abdaal. Manchester City footballer Ilkay Gündoan, and other unknown angel investors.

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