The Best Use of the Smartphone Microphone

The Use of the Smartphone Microphone is usually considered to speak, or at maximum, the voice commands. However, it has been a decade since Apple incorporated Siri into its iPhone applications. Siri is a voice assistant in apple devices. Although, this voice assistant is one of the many audio toolboxes in smartphones. Furthermore, the smartphone can also serve as a digital recorder, dictation machine, podcast studio, and other functions. Following are how to get something done by using a smartphone microphone instead of typing commands.

Make the Most of Voice Assistant

Many readers probably have already encountered Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant or Samsung Smartphones’ Bixby. Many of us have already observed the weather forecast or set a timer using the voice assistant. The most challenging part of the use of the smartphone microphone is understanding the voice assistant capabilities. Furthermore, it is not limited to only smartphone microphones. Additionally, voice assistance is now part of various platforms such as speakers, smart-home hubs, car systems, and streaming TV boxes.

Inquire, “What can you do?” or go to the assistant’s help page to learn more about its capabilities. Apple’s website includes a “What Can I Ask Siri?” guide, as well as other support pages for all Siri-enabled Apple devices. Similarly, Google has a page dedicated to “What you can ask the Google Assistant”. Moreover, A guide to Bixby can be found on Samsung’s website.

Record a voice message

Various smartphone applications help us to note down quick thoughts. However, recording an audio clip is an even faster way to do it. One can use the smartphone microphone to enable voice assistant. Additionally, this assistant can even open any application. Voice recorded messages can store family events or even school assignments. It is the best use of a Smartphone Microphone.

The function of a recording app is very similar to a physical recorder. One need to press the Record button to begin recording. Similarly, one can use the Pause and Stop buttons. After, that an audio file will be available. One can find this audio file easily and send it to some other smartphone. Furthermore, there are many third-party recording apps available. However, each smartphone most likely has its free recording software.

Talk instead of typing as Use of the Smartphone Microphone

Do we need a personal assistant to take dictation, or do we need to struggle with typing? The answers to these questions are No. Our smartphone microphone will transform whatever we say into text. One has to locate a microphone icon on the keyboard or in the search bar. Press it, and begin speaking. Moreover, the words are going to appear on the screen.

One needs to point out the punctuation by name while dictating long text passages into a word-processing app. Such as an email message or parts of an article like this. When a sentence ends, One has to say “period”. When a new paragraph begins, say “new paragraph”. Wow, this use of a smartphone microphone is going to wonder about our life.

One needs to enable the speech-to-text function in smartphone microphone settings. Apple’s website and Google’s Android operating system have guides for using the dictation function on their smartphones. Samsung’s Bixby has its dictate functionality. There are several document guides available on the Samsung website.

voice message as Use of the Smartphone Microphone

An audio clip allows us to share the sounds of our world with others. If we are sending audio, then it is also a good idea. We have to click and hold the sound-wave icon in the message box in the messages app to record a voice note. Moreover, we also have the option of previewing it before sending it. Suppose one has chosen the Keep option. Then, the audio clips are automatically deleted two minutes after listened to them. Suppose one is sending a message to someone on a different phone network. Then, they might need to record the clip in another app and connect it to the message. So is not it a good use of the smartphone microphone?

 Make a podcast or a song

For many people, podcasts have supplanted blogs as a means of self-expression. Nevertheless, if we have a smartphone, we do not need expensive equipment to start the show. Android and iOS applications offer free or low cast cost recording and editing resources for the podcast. Some of these applications include Spotify’s Anchor, Podbean’s Audio Recorder, Spreaker Studio and many more. 

Suppose anyone is interested in more professional work. Then, Apps like Dolby On for Android and iOS or Apple’s GarageBand program for iOS are the applications of interest. So this use of a smartphone microphone is worthier for the people who are just moving into their Singing Careers.

Conclusive Remarks

We have brought only vital uses of the smartphone microphones. However, these are not only used smartphone microphone. There are plenty of uses which makes our daily life easier and fantastic.

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