Xiaomi has surpassed Apple in smartphone sales: Trump Accusation

Xiaomi has surpassed apple: Xiaomi, a Chinese multinational electronics business suspected of ties to China’s military. Former President Donald Trump’s administration made these accusation. Moreover, Xiaomi has surpassed Apple in smartphone sales. According to a new analysis report, Apple lost its position as the world’s No. 2 smartphone provider in Q2 2021, as Xiaomi’s handsets rose. Notably, Samsung, the electronics behemoth from South Korea, remained the world’s top smartphone vendor, with Apple coming in third.

Xiaomi has surpassed apple : Xiaomi Snatches the Position from Apple

“Xiaomi’s overseas business is rapidly increasing,” stated Canalys Research Manager Ben Stanton in a statement on the company’s website. “For example, in Latin America, shipments climbed by more than 300 percent, in Africa by 150 percent, and in Western Europe by 50 percent. It also develops as it matures.”

Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics business, beat Apple as the world’s second-largest smartphone provider in Q2 2021.¬†On March 25, in Berlin, Germany, a Xiaomi brand sign is displayed at a store entrance. So, Xiaomi has suprassed Apple.

According to the study, Xiaomi’s sales increased by 83 percent in Q2. At the same time, Samsung’s increased by only 15 percent. On the contrary, Apple barely grew at all, with only a 1% increase. Furthermore, Samsung held 19 percent of the smartphone market, followed by Xiaomi (17%) and Apple (14%).

Market  Strategy and Xiaomi Performance

Xiaomi, according to Stanton, was primarily selling considerably less expensive phones than Samsung and Apple. “It is still heavily biassed toward the general market, though, and its average selling price is roughly 40% and 75% cheaper than Samsung and Apple, respectively,” he said.

Oppo and Vivo are two more Chinese electronic businesses. They have got a place in fourth and fifth place, respectively, with their Q2 sales. According to Canalys, both Chinese companies accounted for around 10% of worldwide smartphone sales. Oppo’s sales jumped by roughly 28%, while Vivo’s increased by 27%. In the second quarter, Chinese companies collectively controlled more than a third of the global smartphone market.

The US Department of Defense put Xiaomi and eight other companies on a list of entities. It believed they had ties to the Chinese military in mid-January, soon before Trump left office.Xiaomi has surpassed apple. The business filed a court complaint against the Defense and Treasury departments over the designation later in January after President Joe Biden took office.

Due to the case, the US eventually agreed to remove Xiaomi from the blacklist in early May. According to Bloomberg, the Chinese electronics giant would have been delisted from US markets and removed from global benchmark indexes. However, the US had reversed its decision. Despite the government’s decision, the White House expressed alarm over Chinese enterprises’ ties to the military in the country. Xiaomi has surpassed apple.

Statement from White House : Xiaomi has surpassed apple

Emily Horne made a statement. The Biden Administration is highly concerned about prospective US investments in enterprises. These companies tied to the Chinese military and totally committed to keeping up pressure on such companies. She is a a spokes man for the White house National security Counsil.

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