You Didn’t Know Your Own Body ! Amazing Things

To know your own body is intriguing question. You may be wondering if there is a connection between one’s body weight and how they appear. The person who seems overweight may weigh less than you think, while a muscular bodybuilder who appears slim may weigh a lot. We’ll look at our body structure and how it works in this section.

Lean Body Mass and Body Fat

When we discuss our body structure, we may believe that it must be broken down into numerous components such as bone, internal organs, muscle, fat, etc. Yes, that is right. Bones and internal organs, for example, are difficult to modify. Body Fat and Muscle Mass are the only things we can improve.

Fat in the body

Fat in our bodies isn’t all evil. Additionally, to live, we all need fat. There are two types of body fat to consider. The first is necessary fat. One can find these fats in small amounts in organs such as the heart, lungs, and muscle tissue. To properly functioning, our body needs these vital fats. The second kind of fat acts as a cushion for the internal organs and is essential but not excessive.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

It would be injustice if we want to write about know your own body, and we dont include Body Mass Index. Lean body mass is easily the other thing that isn’t body fat. Muscle, bone, ligament, tendon, fluids are all examples. To determine the BMI,  one has to divide a person’s weight in kilogrammes by the square in metres. A high BMI may indicate a high level of body fatness. You can use BMI to test for weight categories that may cause health issues. But, it is not a diagnostic tool for an individual’s body fatness or health.

Know about your own body to get in the best possible shape

We need to know where we are before we can get to your result. We have ultrasound equipment at Senses that can measure the fat and muscle thickness. Straight ahead, You can start with our healthy food from Pa’s kitchen and tailored training in the Kick Start program. We will help you achieve your perfect body form.

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