A YouTuber filmed the SpaceX’s Starship launch site

A YouTuber filmed the SpaceX’s Starship Center. Last month, a YouTuber named Caesar who runs the small channel ‘Loco VlogS’ filmed himself entering the Space X’s Starship rocket facility in South Texas. The amusing fact is that security troops did not deter him from exploring the underside of SN11. The same 16-story-tall rocket prototype would explode a few days later.

A YouTuber Memos His Wrongful act at the SpaceX Centres

The SpaceX’s Starship sprawling rocket campus in Texas, just a few miles north of the Rio Grande, is a veritable open-air museum of rocketry. The intriguing fact is that it lacks the towering walls and high-tech security that one might expect.

However, Monica Witt, the agency’s spokesperson, stated the following: “NASA takes safety and security extremely seriously. Contracts for the Human Landing System include requirements for contractors to safeguard information, software, and hardware appropriately. NASA was notified by the SpaceX’ starship that they were investigating this incident.”

A YouTuber got into the SpaceX’s starship launch site and filmed

Caesar quickly entered the rocket site and maneuvered around the SpaceX’s Starship hardware and equipment. The recording consisted primarily of closeups of the Raptor engines aboard the Starship SN11. Circumstances forced Ceaser to delete the video after it received five likes and at least 100 dislikes. Additionally, the barrage of comments from enraged SpaceX fans. 

Caesar later stated in an apology video released on April 1st, “Yes, it was wrong, yes, it was illegal.” However, in my mind, at the time, I didn’t consider that What went through my mind was, ‘Okay, I’m never going to get another chance like this.’ As a result, I went for it. And, well, this is what occurred.”

Following such a disaster, it’s clear that the SpaceX’s starship will make it nearly impossible for anyone to barge in via some pretty sophisticated security technology.

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