Hackers use the phone calls to infect personal computers with malware

The phone calls are the most recent method of infecting your computer. This is not novel but somewhat surprisingly. Researchers have discovered a new malware campaign, “BazarCall.” According to The Record, one of its primary malware “payloads” is a remote-access Trojan that can grant a complete hacker control over your computer. One can use it to install additional malware.

At the moment, these attacks follow a straightforward but highly effective pattern. It all begins with the BazarLoader gang sending out targeted email spam campaigns. The emails typically include offers, free trials, or subscriptions to medical, information technology, or other financial services. This technique is usedĀ  to attract the recipients’ attention.

Additionally, the emails instruct recipientsĀ  to use the phone calls for additional information about their offer.
When users dial the number, they connects him to a call center. There an English-speaking operator walks them through downloading an Office file. It disables Office security features and allowing the document. This typically use an Excel or Word file to run automated scripts known as “macros”. The maros download and infect the target’s computer with malware.
Today, in an interview with The Record, a malware researcher stated that BazarCall spam campaigns have been ongoing since January 2021. The Analyst, who coined the term “BazaarCall,” told The Record that most of these spam campaigns target users with corporate or.edu email addresses. It rarely targets home users who use free email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo.

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