Best Android Apps 2021

The Best Android Apps That Everyone is Using

Androids and smartphones are very trendy these days. Almost every person uses mobile and different apps because a smartphone or android is an incomplete gadget without apps.

Communication Apps

Communication apps are also known as contact apps. These apps work online and allow you to contact your loved one throughout the world. The users use these apps for online video calling, messaging, sharing their photos, and lovely memories. Some of the contact apps are listed below.

FaceBook or FB

Facebook is one of the most famous apps on the internet. Billions of people use this app on their smartphones, androids, laptops, and tablets. People create their id and make several friends. Here you can post your questions, queries, memories, funny images, funny jokes, and much more. FB also allows the users to make voice calls. Millions of students are using FB for their study purposes. Students post their papers and assignments with solution files.

FB Messenger

FB messenger is also a reliable and secure chatting tool on the internet. Here you can also share your photos, messages, and other important information.


Instagram is used for photos and selfie sharing purposes. It allows other people to like, share, and comment on the post.

Linked In

Linked In is also the best app that people use for education and employment purposes. It allows you to connect with other professionals, newcomers, and students.

Twitter & WhatsApp

Twitter and WhatsApp are also common in use, and it works as same as Facebook. You can use a Twitter account on a desktop computer too. The app permits the users to make information posting, like the post, and comment.

Whatsapp is commonly used on cell-phones. It allows the user to message and make a video call over the internet throughout the world. The app id is only set up on your mobile network. The users also use Whatsapp on their laptops by scanning the QR code through their phones while connected to the reliable internet.


It is an app introduced by American Multimedia Snap Inc. it allows users to deliver messages and share their lovely moments.


Skype is like a messenger, and it is used for connecting people over the internet.

Google Translator

Google translator is the best language converting tool from Google, but it works while connected through the internet. It allows you to understand other unknown languages by converting them into your national language.

Apps For Fun

Google Play Store is full of different apps for fun, such as cooking apps, make-up apps, photo editing apps with additional unique filters and accessories.

Video Player Apps

A mobile phone is not stylish without a remarkable video player. All the androids and smartphones include a primary video player in their system, but most people use a random player.

MX Video Player

It is the best player app and plays the videos and clips smoothly. It also allows the user to control the video’s playback speed, video brightness, volume, and volume equalizer.


Browsers are used for internet or web surfing, and the Google Play store is the best interface for internet apps and browsers. Mobile users use apps according to their desire and need. The professionals use reliable browsing apps for their businesses, such as digital marketing and many others.

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • UC Browser

Google chrome and internet explorer are widespread these days. The users also use Microsoft edge, firefox, and UC browsers. These apps are reliable, secure, and fast.

MS-Office Apps

MS Office is the powerful software that allows you to create several documents, such as MS-Word creates MS documents. MS Excel is used to develop mathematical sheets, financial sheets, and analysis sheets. It also includes the following.

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Microsoft One Note
  • Microsoft Planner
  • MS Access
  • MS Inpage

Online Shopping Store Apps

Online shopping apps allow users to shop online. Some famous online shopping apps are given below.

  • Daraz
  • Ali Express
  • eBay
  • Flipkart Online Shopping
  • USA Online Shopping
  • Online Shopping App

Health & Fitness Apps

Health & fitness apps include exercise apps and health apps. The exercise apps are also known as fitness apps. Such apps provide you the best methods of exercise to live healthy and fit.

Some of the apps are given below.

  • Splits Training
  • Eve
  • Loss Weight At Home
  • Loss Belly Fat At Home
  • Fat Burning Workouts
  • Healthy Spine & Straight Posture
  • Relax Meditation App
  • Yoga For Weight Loss
  • Height Increase – Increase Height At Home

Gaming Apps

If you use an android or smartphone, then you also have installed your favorite games. High-speed smartphones also allow you to play different video games over the internet. The famous one is PUBG. Other video games are as follows.

  • Call of Duty
  • Non-Stop Action Games
  • Puzzle Games

Photo Clicking & Editing Apps

These apps include a camera app and other different apps. And these apps are available on the internet and Google Play Store. People download them free because Google Play Store provides paid as well as freeware apps. Some of the favorite apps are given below.

  • Sweet Face Camera
  • B612 – Beauty Camera
  • Candy Camera
  • YouCam Perfect
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Pro Cam X

Graphic Designing Apps

Graphic designing apps are used to create designs and patterns. These apps also allow balancing the colours of photos and drawings.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Capture – Color Creator, Vector, and Pattern Creator
  • Design Studio
  • Logo Maker Apps
  • Behance Apps
  • Canva App


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