The Best Mobile Apps for Graphic Design

The Best Graphic Designing Apps in 2021

Graphic design is one of the industries that continue to benefit from continuing software development. The consumer base drives progress in this industry as it is by the designers, resulting in a never-ending stream of updates, add-ons, and ultimately new graphic design applications for Android and iOS reaching the market every week. Workplace design apps are not the same as work backpacks. You are unable to touch, hold, or store objects in them. They are, however, vital to your success. The following are 20 of the best graphic design applications available today.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch is an excellent app for your phone or tablet. Although the smartphone and tablet models are slightly different, they are essential digital tools for the mobile graphic designer. There are many advanced features here, like the ability to color correct high-resolution images on your phone while trapped in traffic in the back of a taxi. Touch is also at the top of our list of best graphic design apps because of its strong compatibility with a wide variety of mobile devices, which not all graphic design apps can claim.


Assembly is targeted toward young designers who haven’t quite worked out their style yet are ready to create. Although the people behind assembly can take issue with that description, it is accurate. Not that there isn’t anything for the seasoned designer as well. Yes, there is. However, the focus is on quickly patching together logos, icons, simple scenes, backgrounds, and other design building block elements using pre-made objects and shapes. Assembly allows efficient use of screen space, and its tap-and-drag interaction is well suited to mobile platforms. Perhaps, it is one of the best iPhone graphic design applications. And that’s saying a lot.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

The Draw allows you to use vector drawing software on your mobile device to make stunning freeform illustrations. It gives mobile users the kind of creative independence that has long been speculated but has always been accompanied by the phrase “coming soon.” Draw can’t yet compete with Illustrator’s desktop edition. Still, its toolset is diverse enough, and its community support is strong enough that it could usher in a new genre of illustration and a new category of illustrators. The fact that Draw is a free mobile graphic design app is perhaps the most fantastic aspect. And that’s probably going to make many people reconsider renewing their CC subscriptions in the future.

Pantone Studio

Pantone Studio is another one of those buffet design apps that cater to a particular graphic designer’s need. Pantone allows you to collect Pantone colors from the environment, create your color palettes, and use them to develop next-generation graphics. These can then be easily exported and shared with peers, customers, and friends using graphic design editing software. When it comes to graphic design, color reigns supreme, and Pantone Studio will help you make sure the colors are accurate and, most importantly, reproducible. Create geo-specific palettes, then mark and save them for future reference.


One of the buffet concept apps we mentioned earlier is Evernote. It won’t help you spruce up your Illustrator Draw creations. Still, it will help the busy graphic design professional stay organized, move work down the production line, and coordinate their efforts with clients and colleagues. Evernote started as a free app. The developers have aggressively stepped away from that egalitarian model in the last year or so. The free app has now devolved into a glorified commercial for its pay-to-play relatives, with the Plus and Premium versions comprising the actual actionable functionality.


Pixlr has been around for quite some time now, and we’re still surprised that this feature-rich, user-friendly free online photo editor isn’t more popular. It’s the closest thing you’ll find anywhere to Adobe’s epoch-defining software app, and it’s completely free. Although most people were still getting used to the external hard drive, Pixlr was well known in the cloud. Over time, it has been changed. It now has over 600 effects, as well as all the layering, cropping, color management, and other features you’d expect from programs that specialize in draining your bank account.


Some people think of Layers as a way to create finished artwork and design. Still, we think of it as a digital sketchpad that allows you to empty your mind in a productive way when you’re sitting in the break room, riding the subway, eating lunch in the park, or simply zoning out on a lazy Sunday afternoon. A good set of brushes, an eraser, a smudge tool, and the ability to work on up to 5 layers per piece are among the simple tools available. Finding a way in can be the most challenging aspect of a project. Layers will assist you in this endeavor.


Typecast is a versatile WYSIWYG for web designers that allows you to fine-tune your typography and export HTML and CSS appropriate for use on the internet. Typecast helps you to make global style changes in the blink of an eye. With the built-in CSS editor, you can add custom types, style headings, subheadings, paragraphs, and more with a few taps, and share your work with clients and colleagues through a working prototype that they can test and comment on. Typecast has been constantly refined and reshaped since its launch in 2011, and each month it becomes a little more impressive and harder to overlook.

iA Writer

The response is that iA Writer is designed for people who prefer to compose first and worry about formatting later. IA Writer is just a beefed-up version of Notepad: a no-nonsense app that foregoes design concerns in favor of providing you with the space you need to focus on the words themselves.


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