HP+ The Smart Printing Setup ! The Latest HP Launch

HP+, the smart printing setup, provides a breakthrough cloud-based environment for a secure, efficient, and uniquely sustainable hybrid workplace, with many more advanced features.


  • HP+ Smart Printer works modern startApp cloud ecosystem. Since, it offers increased safety, efficiency, and sustainability to print from virtually anywhere
  • HP+ is the printing future built for modern hybrid ways of living and working
  • After the US introduction, HP+ is launching in 35 new countries around the world.

HP announced the extension of the most innovative consumer and small-scale HP+ smart printing device. HP+ modernizes today’s printing experience in a period when the demand for printing is strong. This demand surge is by millions of people who are working and learning from home. Furthermore,  HP+ ensures secure, efficient, and sustainable printing than ever before since it works with a modern cloud-based ecosystem.

Tuan Tran, President of Imaging, Printing & Solutions, HP, said that HP+ is a fundamental shift in the printing experience. Additionally, he said that they had put together the best innovation in printing into an intelligent customer and small business method. Moreover, HP+ has enhanced the printing experience for those who rely most on their printers. HP+ smart printing system works got support from the leading hardware category to the largest toner subscription provider.

HP+  The Smart Printing Setup

Consumers and small companies today demand devices to satisfy their extended needs. Moreover, 70 percent of customers agree that intelligent technology facilitates life. Moreover, The  HP+ smart printing setups cloud ecosystem enables customers and small enterprises to remain linked and safe. The exclusive features include:

  • New Cloud resilience automatically identifies and resolves networking issues.
  • Smart monitoring Security is helping to identify and avoid malware attacks.
  • New Native In-OS printer allows printing from almost anywhere on any device.
  • An innovative dashboard allows you to monitor your printer in a convenient location.
  • Additional one-year HP guarantee.

HP+ is launching the latest series HP LaserJet M200, Red Dot design prize winner. Additionally, the new product line includes HP OfficeJet Pro 8000e and 900e, DeskJet 2700e and 4100e, and ENVY 6000e and 6400e series for the first time. Moreover,HP+ smart printers can only work with original HP ink and toner to have the best quality, most effective, and sustainable printing experience.

Subscription to Smart Ink

Globally, eCommerce revenues have got a surplus of around 16.5% by the end of 2020. Not only because of the need for contactless shopping but also because of the comfort on which consumers depend. As a result, this expansion and dependence on the supply economy have driven HP Instant Ink to more than 9 million subscribers.

Customers have an offer of a six-month ink or toner test with HP+.

  • Save up to 50 percent and subscribe
  • On Original HP Ink and Toner of superb quality, print schemes start at $0.99 a month.

Smart App

Along with the cloud-based applications and accessible subscriptions, customers and small firms have also become increasingly dependent on mobile usability. Specifically,The HP Smart App, which has over 48M monthly active users, allows customers to print and search remotely from anywhere.

  • HP+ offers features including advanced scanning, handheld fax, and productivity features for 24 months6.
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, and more are easily accessible.

HP+ The Smart Printing Setup for the Planet

Finally, it is evident that our customers care about the planet. Since, consumers consider sustainability relevant when buying a printer. Furthermore, HP+ builds on our dedication to a future that encourages positive forestry to promote net zero deforestation prints and the recycling of closed-loop cartridges:

  • HP invests in the restoration and conservation of healthy forests with  new Forest First feature.
  • It recycles your ink cartridges to help create new cartridges.

Forests are the first preference for HP+ the Smart Printing Setup

HP+ Forest Positive Framework approach offers availability to combat deforestation risks. HP-branded paper comes only from forests certified treated safely or from recycled materials. Additionally, HP is investing amply in conservation, security, or forest rehabilitation projects in critical areas, such as Brazil, for the other paper brands. These efforts are to offset any paper used by HP+ customers not responsible.

Recycling of cartridges: Recycled plastics are used as raw materials and, where appropriate, mixed with other materials to produce new Original HP cartridges and other daily items.

Availability and price

More information on HP+, including pricing and HP+ hardware specifications (including non-HP+ equivalent functionalities), can be found at hp.com/plus.


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