Leaked EA Document: “The ultimate FIFA Team Leads All Roads” And Its Loot Boxes

Leaked EA Document brings up Good news for EA FIFA lover.  The Loot boxes of EA FIFA, I mean “mechanics of surprise,” are not to make money. Their existence is to engage players.

The response from ” Gaming Insider” leaked EA Document to CBC during the weekend from a Canadian branch of the FIFA series. Additionally, The FIFA ultimate team (FUT) named the “heart” of the game the loot box. Also The common name for this loot box is the player pack.

Leaked EA Document The ultimate FIFA Team Leads All Roads
Leaked EA Document The ultimate FIFA Team Leads All Roads

Leaked EA document also revealed that the purpose of every step EA FIFA is to drive players there. Another Remarkable Highlight says, “Both paths lead to FUT.”

This leaked Document has brought out again torches and pitches. EA is trying to dissipate these flames. Initially, CBC said that an EA spokesman refused to comment on the paper. They only claiming the document was “viewed without meaning” and “misinformed” without specifying why.

FIFA brand VP David Jackson spoke later to GamesIndustry.biz that the paper referred to a particular initiative last summer. He continued: “It is important to say that we never force people to spend on the game. We promote participation in the game, and all item are free that you choose to participate in this mode. Gameplay is the No.1 performance metric, not the incentive to invest.”

This statement seems to contrast strongly with the leaked EA Document. It clearly says EA “does everything” to push players to FUT where “all roads lead.” Yes, you can play FUT without paying, but EA knows that encouraging people to play encourages people to spend money. Also,The mmobomb shares about this “As gamers continue to pay for their products, EA will continue to make them available.”

The FIFA Ultimate Team will make money for EA. Any firm with little competent leadership say what you want about EA. They will smartly try to guide people in the direction of their own money maker. The furious people about this latest episode are probably not those who spend money on FUT. And that’s why this revelation of leaked EA Document is probably going to change nothing. EA won’t make changes until thousands of people spend a month unless the law first hits them in the pocketbook, as it does in some countries.

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