People who play sports are happier in life


In previous posts, we talked about the physical benefits that exercise provides, but what about the psychological ones We tell you the 15 reasons why playing sport will also bring you a happier life:

  1. Chemically it makes you happier. Endorphins that the body secretes when playing sport gives the person an intense sense of well-being. Even some doctors say it is an excellent tool to combat depression.
  2. They also improve the mood. You will have a better perspective if you exercise regularly. You don’t have to sign up for a gym, so you walk hard for 30 minutes three days a week.
  3. Reduces stress Thanks to sport, the body helps moderate the brain’s reaction to stress. When you’re stressed at work, you can probably get away at the end of the day for a bike ride or a walk. It’ll come in excellent!
  4. Prevents worsening mental state everyone ages, and the brain, like many other parts of the body, suffers gradual wear and tear. Sport helps the brain reduce hippocampus degeneration, responsible for learning and memory.
  5. Increases brain health It is known that when brain cells die, they do not regenerate. If you follow a regular cardiovascular exercise program, there are signs that you’ll be helping your brain produce new, performance-enhancing cells. Among others, it secretes the protein called BDNF, which favors decision-making and learning.

Improves memory 

Studies show that physical exercise can improve memory in adults. Some throw data as curious as running and walking improve vocabulary retention. For women, physical activity helps relieve symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.

Improve creativity

As we have seen, physical exercise directly influences the brain’s functioning, and one of these functions is creativity. The blood flow speed is increased to the brain, so oxygen levels rise in the brain and can be thought more clearly and effectively.

Helps Control Addictions

The chemistry produced by the brain concerning addictions, called ‘reward chemistry,’ is dopamine. Alcohol, drugs, or even overeating can build it, and when you try to slow down, physical exercise can be a good ally, as it also segregates it.

It fosters sleep

Many people have trouble sleeping and, although physical exercise is not the only solution when the person goes to bed physically tired, it will be much easier for them to catch sleep.

Increases Relaxation

After finishing your favorite physical exercise, you’re likely to feel fantastic. Whenever, you perform physical activity, the body temperature rises, and at the end, it goes down again. It produces a remarkable feeling of well-being.

Increases Self-Confidence

& Esteem

Simply, physical exercise helps us feel good about ourselves because we feel better and look healthier. Our perception of us changes positively, both physically and mentally.

Enjoy the outdoor surroundings in the country-side or a park.

Of course, you can sign up for a gym but if you decide to walk, run or ride a bike, doing it outdoors is fantastic. You breathe high-quality air while your body receives vitamin D from the sun’s rays (but don’t forget to use sunscreen). What can suit you better than playing outdoors on a sunny day?

It makes you more productive.

People who do more physical exercise are more productive than those who don’t. Try it and take time out, you only need one hour off (40 minutes of exercise and 20 minutes to shower and dress), and you’ll find that you’ve “created” more time.

Improve Your Social Relationships

Always try to go for a walk or run with friends or family. Physical exercise creates a positive and close environment for human relationships. No matter if you do it outdoors or in a gym, it helps make new friends and reinforces old ones. It can’t be more evident, take your bike, put on your sportswear and go for a walk or run and enjoy life.


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