PUBG Mobile Season 18 Hundred Rhythms

100 Rhythms in PUBG Mobile with an Amazing 1.3 Update

The battleground is a game developed by Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG Mobile). For Season 18, Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG Mobile) has announced a slew of new patches, game material, and a special event celebration. Season 18 of PUBG Mobile has been live since March 17th, and players are eager to create a name for themselves in the new season.

As part of the latest update 1.3, players will be able to experience thrilling and enjoyable new features such as music-themed focused gameplay, new cars, arms, and a new Metro Royale segment.

Season 18 of PUBG Mobile – Hundred Rhythms

The 1.3 update also adds an in-game electronic music e-festival, along with a grand celebration to mark the game’s third anniversary. The “Hundred Rhythms” game mode is a brand-new music-themed game mode set in the fan-favourite map Erangel.

Additionally, when queuing for a new version, players will be granted the option of wearing one of three armbands on Spawn Island. Each special armband has its in-game boosting function, and the armband grants special abilities to players. Through gathering cassettes on the map, each armband has one active boost and two passive boosts. Furthermore, each has three levels; the first is reached when players in the lobby pick the armband. The other two stages are collected and upgraded when playing the game utilizing the cassette selection.

This implies that if you choose Recon Knight as your strength, you will unlock its first level, Sonic Scan. This will enable you to locate all campers within a certain range of the Sonic Scan. So, if you want to update from Sonic Scan to Encore, you will need to locate a cassette, and as soon as you do, an upgrade button will appear.

The complete Royale Pass for PUBG Mobile Season 18 costs $9.99 and grants you access to all prizes as well as a fast progression. If you just have a certain amount of spare time, the Elite Pass Plus will set you back $29.99.


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