Tencent Gaming Introduces Blood Raven X-Suit for PUBG Mobile

Blood Raven X-Suit is on its way to igniting the in-game store in PUBG Mobile. The Greatest Suit of All Time? Consult the event’s details.

Blood Raven X-Battle Suit for PUBG Mobile

Blood Raven X-Suit for PUBG Mobile. Another X suit, the Blood Raven X Suit, is making its PUBG Mobile debut. Following the Pharaoh X Suit’s success, this is the second installment in the PUBG Mobile X Suit series. According to official announcements, the Blood Raven suit will be introduced during an event during which players will also collect free items. Continue reading this article for additional information on the subject.

“The blood raven is a destroyer of evil and a protector of the defenseless. Like a regular human being, the Blood Raven dons the suit to fight injustice and crimes in order to assist those in need.” The brutal battle suit is upgradeable to six stars, with each level offering unique benefits. However, players will need to spend a significant amount of UC (Unknown Cash) to obtain just the base X suit from the Blood Raven Spin, let alone upgrade it to level 6.

However, if the player chooses to upgrade the suit to the maximum level, they will gain access to a variety of amusing new features. The features include an exclusive Blood Raven Emote and a shareable mask for your friends to wear in the lobby. Additional upgrades include a stunning Blood Raven-themed Elimination Broadcast and a bewitching lobby-entry animation that will astound your opponents. When the Blood Raven enters a hall or spawns an island, the energy is displayed.

PUBG Mobile: New Blood Raven X-Suit
PUBG Mobile: New Blood Raven X-Suit

Upgrade to the Blood Raven X-Suit (To Level 6)

  • Basic Apperance
  • Teammate Interaction
  • Advanced Form
  • Victory Broadcast
  • Shock & Awe
  • Final Form

Event of the Blood Raven

Now, regarding the Blood Raven Event, there will be Blood Raven Seeds available for free to any player who completes the required missions. These seeds can be used to obtain free items such as the Blood Raven Title (30d), Blood Raven Ornament (3d), and Melee Weapon – Blood Raven Bone Scythe Sickle (3d). While the complimentary items are not particularly impressive, those who do not wish to invest any money will have something to celebrate. The event is scheduled to begin on April 16th and conclude on April 25th.

There will also be a variety of other items available for purchase. The Blood Raven Spin includes the Obsidian Eagle Set, the Nightscape Set, a Blood Raven Backpack, and additional items. Each spin costs around 60 UC, while ten spins cost 540 UC. Additionally, the odds of landing the X Suit in the spin are incredibly slim. While acquiring all of the items may seem implausible to a casual player, we look to content creators worldwide to amaze us with the awe-inspiring presence of the Blood Raven X-Suit in the lobby.



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