The Best Summer Skin Care Tips

Oily Skin Care in Hot Summer Season

Oily skin is also known as sensitive skin, and it needs more care than other skin types. Oily skin becomes oilier on hot summer days. Due to sebum and dirt, the pores clog and result in acne. Oily skin people suffer from whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples.

I also have oily skin, and I had acne problems in the past. But now, my skin is relatively better. I share some excellent but straightforward tips that can help you get clean and clear skin every day.

Oil Control Face Wash or Cleanser

Oily skin people must use an oil control face wash or cleanser. Besides these market face washes for face wash. The basin or chickpea flour is quite a popular kitchen item. It can absorb all the excessive oil and impurities on your skin. The basin also improves the skin tone.

You can also use chickpea flour with rosewater as a regular cleanser. People also add turmeric and dry milk with chickpea flour. It is a skin-lightening cleanser.

Besides these kitchen ingredients, many effective foaming face washes are available in cosmetic markets. The best examples are pond’s charcoal face wash, clean & clear oil control face wash that doesn’t clog the pores, Cetaphil, and Neem face wash.

Facial Tissue Paper 

Dry the excess water on your face with soft tissue paper. Please don’t use a towel because it has bacteria, germ, and other impurities that can irritate your skin. A towel can also cause an acne problem.

Oil Control Toner

Toning is the central part of the overall skincare routine. After face wash, use an oil control toner. Clean & Clear toner is best for oily and acne-prone skin. It doesn’t clog the pores. So, it means that it can control the acne problem. Simple rosewater is also best to use to tone your face. Always use chilled rosewater on your face.

Toner helps to oil and sebum control. It also helps to minimize open facial-pores. Golden Pearl cosmetics has introduced its toner for oily skin. It is also a reliable toner for oily skin, and it is suitable for all skin types.

Aloe Vera gel is also best for all skin types. It merely hydrates the skin and minimizes the pores. It has healing properties. It works magic for irritating skin. People can easily buy aloe Vera gel from all the medical stores, general cosmetic stores, and other shops. Keep Aloe Vera gel in the refrigerator to increase its practical effect.

Oil Control Moisturizer

Most people say that oily skin doesn’t need any moisturizer, but I think this statement is wrong. Every skin needs to be moisturized all the time. You should also moisturize your skin with an oil control moisturizer.

Choose only water-based products, which are oil control and chemical-free. Use a water-based moisturizer such as clean & clear moisturizer, dove beauty cream, and Nivea soft light moisturizer.

I also have used all of the mentioned moisturizers on my skin. They are very light on the skin. Except for these products, you can also use simple aloe Vera gel to moisturize your skin. Aloe Vera gel absorbs in the skin layer quickly and leaves the skin soft and oil-free.


Sunscreen is also known as a sunblock. Always use a suitable sunscreen before you expose to the sunlight. Sunlight contains harmful UV rays that damage the skin and make it dull and aged. Use only oil control sunblock.

Many skin-protecting lotions and sunblocks are available in the markets. These products include different sun protection factors, but the best SPF starts from 40. Some day creams also contain SPF, and they are suitable for oily skin. You can give them a try. For example, clean & clear moisturizing cream SPF 15 is oil control, but it includes alcohol. You can’t keep this cream on your face for a long time.

Rivaj UK Sun Block SPF 90 is designed for all skin types. It works like magic for oily skin, and it is anti-darkening and water-resistant. It provides the highest protection from the sun and nourishes the skin effectively.

At Night

Always remove your makeup stuff before you go to bed, and use a mild and water-based cleanser or face wash twice a day. Dry your skin with soft tissue paper and tone it. Moisturize your skin with your favorite moisturizer. The oily skin people use aloe Vera gel at night time too. The reason is that it nourishes the skin and suitable for skin whitening. It controls oil and acne effectively.

Facial Masks

Use facial masks before bedtime. After toning, use aloe Vera gel as a mask. Apply it on your face evenly and leave it for 15 minutes. It will dry. There is no need to wash it. You can also use fuller’s earth with rosewater and lemon juice. Leave this pack until it dries. Wash it away with normal water and moisturize your skin.

Softtouch mud mask is also perfect for oily skin. Basin or chickpea flour with the rosewater and fuller’s earth is also a useful pack for oily and acne-prone skin. Fuller’s earth and basin are oil-absorbing agents and control acne.

Use A Night Cream

Night creams are essential for every skin type. People use these products to improve and enhance their beauty. Some creams are not suitable for the skin as they result in skin damaging and acne. Use only branded night cream.

  • Pond’s Night Cream
  • Golden Pearl Skin Whitening & Repairing Cream
  • Olay 7 in 1 Total effect Cream
  • Vitamin CC night cream
  • L’Oreal Paris Night Cream
  • Lakme Absolute Night Cream
  • Himalaya Herbal Revitalizing Cream
  • Lotus Night Cream
  • Dove Beauty Cream

All the products, as mentioned above, are dermatologically tested. These products have no side effects. The usage time is bedtime. Use these creams only on a cleansed face. These creams are perfect for skin whitening, remove dark spots, acne spots, and improve skin tone and texture.

The products are lightweight, soft texture, reliable, and easy to use. Different creams have different but stylish packaging. The significant benefit is that these products are available at any drug store and cosmetic store. Interested people can also buy them online at a very reasonable price.


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