The Kindle Paperwhite : Reviewing the Features

The Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon’ product. When someone talks about an e-reader, then most of us imagine Amazon Kindle. Though, Amazon’s competitors might offer more technologically advanced at a far low cost. However, it is also true that none of them can hold many books and novels. Nevertheless, one can not justify this single reason against competitors of Amazon. In this article, we are reviewing Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in all of its key features. So that one can decide it is worth spending more on it. 

The Kindle paperwhite is not the most popular among readers but also the most popular in all other Kindle versions. However, this fact does not answer the basic and imperative question. That is it worthier for our readers or not. Well, let us start our review formally.

The Price of Kindle Paperwhite

The basic model of any kindle does not cost more than 65$. Unfortunately, though, one needs to pay30$ more only for the basic version of Kindle Paper White. That means one needs to pay around 95$ for the Kindle Paperwhite.

Style and Feel

 The paperwhite looks and feels slightly more higher-end. You can see that the bezels are flushed with the screen. It is a very beautiful feature. Basic, this is nice. The Kindle has raised bezels which adds a bulky plasticky feel. The flush bezels provide the look of a High-End Tablet to the Kindle Paperwhite.

Storage Capacity

 The primary storage is 8 GB., Though one can have extra storage of 32GB with the additional cost of 25$. We do not think memory will be much of a problem since ebook files are very small in size. Furthermore, Amazon has cloud storage available for static files. However, if one is interested in audio reading, then the 32GB storage option will be really useful.

Audio and Read Modes

 Another important feature of the Kindle Paperwhite is that one can easily switch between audio and read mode seamlessly. In addition, it allows us to connect with Bluetooth-enabled headphones or speakers.

Cellular Connectivity Feature

 Another major update that one can have in paperwhite is the addition of cellular connectivity. Nevertheless, that will cost about $200 for the unit with a cellular connection. However, for most people, this probably is not worth it. If money is a free resource available, one should buy this specific model because it lets us download millions of free audio e-books instantaneously.

Display Quality

The paperwhite has 300 pixels per inch that are on the high end of the spectrum. One can notice a sharp screen for crisp text for a closer look when one turns the paperwhite on you immediately. The difference is noticeable when if someone is reading the color graphics comics. Though, for text, the effect is almost invisible. There are five built-in LED lights. One does not require any external light in any lighting situation.


 Another extremely useful feature you will love about the kindle paperwhite is that it is also waterproof. It is an ipx8 rated device. It means that it can survive in a 2-meter depth of water for almost an hour.

The plastic screen is both shatter and scratch-resistant and can survive small drops. So, one can safely read on the beach poolside or in the bath.

Self Power Saving

Another bright feature of the Kindle Paperwhite is its power-saving mode. If we forget to turn it off, or maybe we fell asleep during reading, the Kindle will go to sleep to preserve the battery. 

Battery Time

This superb Kindle can run for almost 28 hours on a single charge. Furthermore, Amazon no longer includes a power adapter for the charge. Again, though, you can use any USB phone charger to juice it up for another cycle.

Conclusive Remarks

Kindle paperwhite costs about ninety-five dollars which is about $30 more than the basic Kindle or similarly priced competitors. However, one gets a sharper screen, more storage, a slightly higher design, water resistance, better front light, and potentially cellular. Furthermore, suppose one is keen to read in the bathtub, the pool, or any closer vicinity of water. In that case, waterproofing makes the Kindle worth the investment. That is also true for the big fans of audio books because no other company can match the library of Amazon. All mentioned scenarios make the Kindle paperwhite is easy for us to recommend, especially when Amazon is discounting at under $100bottom line in our opinion that paperwhite is ultimately the best value for the money reader.

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