The Tech Gadget : Belkin’s Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking

The Tech Gadget is a recent launch from Belkin. Particularly, This gadget is a Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking. We will look at and review this MagSafe. Is it a useful product? Is it worth money to spend? Those are the questions we are going to try to answer in this article.

Magnetic Phone Mount is compatible with Latest iPhone

Recently, Belkin launched a new lineup of phone accessories, and the most prominent tech gadget among them is this Magnetic Phone Mount. Particularly, Magnetic Phone Mount is designed to work with the latest iPhone. The new phone mount uses MagSafe to hold the phone in place magnetically; of course, holding the phone in place using magnets is nothing new. So, what makes this MagSafe special, super unique and interesting. That is, it is Face Tracking ability.

Tech Gadget allows a maximum degree of freedom with the Face Tracking Feature

Magnetic Phone Mount uses face tracking and a 360-degree rotating base to follow anyone as he walks around in the room. The tracking works via Belkin’s companion applications which one need to install on his or her phone to make this tech gadget work. The tracking works in both landscape and portrait orientations. This MagSafe tilts vertically from negative 15 to 30 degrees while rotating a full 360 degrees horizontally.

The Limitation of Magnetic Phone Mount

The major drawback of this tech gadget is that the tracking only works through Belkin’s companion application. Though this Phone Mount is great for recording videos, it will not contribute to video conferencing purposes because Belkin’s’s companion application is not a video conferencing app. So, one cannot connect it with applications like face time and zoom.

The MagSafe is perfect for content creators.

The perfect use for this tech gadget is designed for content creators. So, this Magnetic Phone mount will be a very useful tool. If anyone makes YouTube videos or Instagram reels or Tik Tok videos, or any other kind of video content. This Magnetic Phone Mount will essentially allow one to move around the room freely while recording videos without having a camera person. So, This MagSafe is like the amount that serves as a built-in camera person, which is a cool feature of this gadget.

The battery of the Magnetic Phone Mount and Phone Compatibility

 The tech gadget runs on three AAA batteries. That means one will have to buy AAA batteries from time to time in terms of phone compatibility. Furthermore, one can use the mount with the new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max.

The cost of the tech gadget

 This Magnetic Mount is also compatible with official MagSafe phone cases. The price of the product is around 65 USD. This price seems quite good concerning the built-in face-tracking technology.

The Conclusion

After having a detailed review of the face tracking technology of Magnetic Phone Mount. It is too early to say that it is worth spending such an amount of money on this technology gadget. This MagSafe still must fulfil the promises to the content creators. If it fulfils the demands of content creators, then, of course, humanity will witness the boom of this tech gadget. Furthermore, if our readers are interested in reading about more. Then they can follow this product link.

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